Saturday, May 5, 2012

Operation Repo - Texas Sheriff Sucks Last Post

This post covers the clip where this Sheriff, From Hell, shows off his, I have so much power, attitude!

Most cops, sheriff's, etc usually pull up to scenes like that with guns drawn demanding people to put their hands up. Well, not this ego driven Sheriff! He pulls up and just focuses on Matt & Froy like they are the criminals. Gee could this be because he is friends with the guy who is getting repo'd!! Friend or not this Sheriff is out of line from the get go. Here is the clip!

Now that you have seen the clip you can see why I can't stand cops! Where is this mans boss? Has this Sheriff had his ego stripped from him? I will almost bet that would have went down even dirtier if the cameras weren't there. I bet that Sheriff would have really shown his true abuse of his position and power IF THE CAMERAS WERE NOT THERE! Think about that!

PLEASE COMMENT ON THIS SHERIFF'S BEHAVIOR! Thanks for reading and stopping by!

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  1. I was disgusted to see his behavior against the guys. Who does he think he is? Alway telling people to take their hats off in front off the law is madness!