Sunday, May 6, 2012

Tanked - Makes Loving Fish Even More Exciting

I have just recently starting watching this show on Animal Planet. This show has now become addicting to me. I love seeing the fish tanks they create. This preview shows one of my favorite tanks they have showcased yet. It is a headboard above a bed that is nothing but a big fish Tank! It is totally awesome. Check it out.

Isn't that totally AWESOME! These guys are brilliant at what they do! I mean look at it, could you imagine having a romantic moment in that bed!!! Hell Yeah!

This show is a keeper for as long as possible please! I am HOOKED!

My "Haywire" Review - Not That Good

I watched this movie last week when it came out On Demand. The preview really made it seem like it was going to be a good movie, boy was I fooled. We all know Gina can fight, that is no doubt. Watching her fight was the only part of the movie I enjoyed. The story was boring. Was this originally a "Slient" film or something? Cause as far as dialog from the actors goes, there was not much of it. Also what is with the sound quality of these movies these days. Why do I have to crank up the volume just to hear conversations and nearly get my ears blown out with sound effects? I have to have my controller in hand and on volume button ready to turn up or down! It is ANNOYING. All I can say about this movie is that Gina's fighting scenes were the best parts of the move. I would not recommend anymore people spend money on this film. Wait for it to come out on cable or something cause it is just not worth it. I was ticked that I spent $6 to even watch it.

Just because you put a bunch of well known and good actors in the movie doesn't mean they will mesh well to make the movie a hit! This is a clear example!

This gets 1 star from me and that is only because of Gina's fighting.