Saturday, February 11, 2012

Jersey Shore - She likes it Sneek Peek

Mike is such a sleeze ball! He is purposely messing with Snooky. I don't know if anything happened between the two, but Mike needs to stop cause it is not going to get Snooky to like him. It is gonna get her to hate him.  He says he loves her all the time and has made it clear he would like to have a relationship with her.  Well I don't know who taught him his tactics but he was completely misinformed.

Mike is only good for one thing and one thing only and it is not is for drama.  He is a drama King and needs to find his exact match and crown her drama Queen!

Mike you Suck!

Snooky Forget his LAME ass!

Mob Wives - Sneek Peek into 2/12/12 Episode

Wow! Tomorrows episode is going to be explosive. I can't wait for Renee confront Paula on what she said about her and Junior.

Karen and Paula both are 2 hot headed and always stirring the pot. They definitely listen to what they hear and take it as that is exactly what was said. They are not taking into consideration that by the time the stories get to them they have been exaggerated. That is why none of them can solve their problems with one another. Now it has just gotten to the point to where there is no point for them to get along. Renee is definitely stuck in the middle.

Desperate Housewives new episode Sunday 2/12/12

Another new episode premieres tomorrow night ladies. Don't forget to DVR it if you can't watch while it's on.  This is going to be a crazy episode. Lynette is going all out there. Gabby.......well anything can happen. Bree is just spiraling out of control. And for goodness sake, WHO is sending these letters to Bree?

Watch tomorrows episode then come back and comment.

Ghost Hunters International New Season Starts Feb. 22nd 2012!

Attention Ghost Hunter International Fans, the new season is just a little over a week away! I am excited. Wonder if the announcement for Ghost Hunters will effect the International Side of it also. Oh, I just thought. With the new season of GHI starting and GH ending, I wonder if GH will be announcing that this will be the last season for GHI. I'm thinking this because they are overseas and laws and rules, etc are way different over there. I don't really know that is just one guess.

I just hope this season is good.

Destination Truth - Could it slowly get find its way to CANCELLATION

Well I was looking up when Destination Truth's new season was gonna start and I have come across some news. It seems that the show is only scheduled for half a season, 7 episodes.  The season is due to start in March 2012.

I hope this does not get cancelled because I do like to watch it. I DVR all the shows I like to watch as I am sure millions of others are doing also. Hey TV people......Don't let DVR ruin your ratings. There has to be some way of tracking what gets DVR'd. If not, maybe that would be a good idea for some techy to brainstorm on.

Fans of the show need to speak up and tell SyFy that we want more Destination Truth and not to cancel it!

City Hell - Mid Season Finale - Ghost Hunters - Shocking Announcement - ...

Wow! So I wonder what the news will be! Wed is only a few days away, but the anticipation is killing me! Whatever it is seems pretty bad. Some are in tears, one says he wants to vomit, Jason says "it is what it is". There are a few things that could cause these reactions, but what thew me is that a part of the preview it states that whatever the news is, it will "change GH forever".  I have searched our beloved web and have come up empty handed so far. Does anyone out there have any inkling of what the news might pertain to? If so, let it be known here!

I will keep searching, especially as time gets closer to Wed.

Happy Ghost Hunting!

Rachel & Brendon on "The Amazing Race 20"

Well one thing is for certain, we sure have not seen the last of "Team Brenchal". It looks like the duo will be making another TV appearance on "The Amazing Race 20".

Now I will admit that I have not watched this show in a long time. When it first came out it was cool, but then I got bored of the cast choices real quick and just quit following it. Now this season may actually get my attention. As much as it pains me to say this cause I am not a real big "Rachel" fan. I don't hate the girl, I just don't like the way she acts, talks and OMG her voice drives me bonkers. But all these things are what are drawing me to watch. I am curious to see how this show affects their relationship. Will they fight? Will they get along? How many times will Rachel cry? How much butt kissing is Brendon gonna do?  

Well we will just have to wait, watch and see what happens.  

CSI - Character Switch again!

Well as most of you know, Katherine Willows on CSI (original) has left the show!  When ever a good character leaves the show it makes it hard to get back into the show, especially when new characters come on. Sometimes the new characters work out & sometimes they don't. Take Lawrence Fishburn for example. When he came onto the show I must say I thought it was gonna be a good fit, but it turned out to really suck. I was just not that interested in the show during that time. I watched them but didn't really WATCH them, you know what I mean. Now they have brought on Ted Danson to replace Lawrence! Now that was a good move. So far I am really liking Ted on show.

Katherine is being replace with Elizabeth Shue. Not real sure what to think of her being on the show. She has been good in the past, but she has also not done so good on certain things. That is just my opinion. But I do like her enough to watch and give her a chance. So we will see. Join in this and tell me what you think on these characters coming and going.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Teen Mom 2/7/12 Episode - Leah Confesses!!

Tonight's episode is on right now! I am DVR'ing it so I can blog while I watch. But in case you are not watching it here is the link to the sneek peek of Corey confronting Leah about a rumor he has heard and Leah confesses!

Should Corey forgive her?

Is this something they can learn from together & work it out?

Should they just call it quits while they are ahead?