Saturday, March 3, 2012

I Want "A Haunting" Back! Who Else Does??

A Haunting is a series I just picked up watching last year. So to learn that there will be no new episodes because the last show was in 2008. Needless to say I am bummed. I will have plenty of episodes to catch up on but I would love to see more newer stories. I mean there has to be some.

I was searching the internet to find out if there would be anymore and of course my search came up empty. I do know that the guy who produced it is now at "New Dominion Pictures".  They are still in business. Now I went to their website, clicked programs and "A Haunting" is listed and there is another one listed as just "Haunting". When I click on "Haunting" it says to look for "A Haunting" new series to start October 28th at 10pm on the Discovery Channel. Now I don't know when that was posted as there was no year posted nor any date of the actual post. I did go to the Discovery Channel website and this show is not listed on there in any way. So, I am just not sure. The website makes it a little confusing.

Let's tell the producers at new Dominion Pictures how much we want to see "A Haunting" return. Post your comments here and I will email them all to the producer myself. But won't do that until I have enough comments so get your post on and tell everyone you know who likes this show to come here to make it known.

The more the better, the faster I can get them, the faster I can forward them. Lets see if we can get this show back on the air or at least something like it.


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