Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Movie I Can Watch Over & Over - 13 Going On 30

Ok, this movie is hilarious! I don't care how old it is I still love to watch it. Jennifer is awesome, the stroy is awesome and the songs in it are great choices. 

I remember being 13 and wishing I was older. I remember being nerdy in school and wanting to be part of a group. I also had a boy who was my best friend (no we didn't end up married and that is not who I want to marry).  So this movie strikes me on a personal level.  

A movie I will always watch when it is on. 

Finally Watched Arthur w/Russell Brand

Well I finally got a chance to watch this movie. I had to wait until came out on a premium channel thru my At&t UVerse. 

I must admit that it was pretty darn good! I like movies where a man or a woman is forced has to make a choice between who they are gonna marry. 

All the character's in this movie were great. My favorite was the Nanny "Ms Hobbs". She was freaking funny with all her little comments. 

This is one of those movies "Don't Judge A Book By it's Cover" movies. 
This is a funny movie that I recommend you watch if you haven't all ready!