Friday, February 24, 2012


I will always like Ghost Hunters but I am so much more excited about Ghost adventures coming back on.

My fridays have really sucked since there hasn't been any new shows. I mean I will watch the re-runs but it's not the same as finding out what is new.

So tune in tonight to see what new things they have found and learned. Missed you guys and I am glad you are back. Let's just hope the network contracts them for more episodes. We as fans need to let them know how much we love watching and how we crave more!. I may DVR everything but let me make it clear, I watch all my shows, just not during slotted time as I am doing other things when it is on. That is the joy of DVR so don't let your live watching stats fool you cause there are probably hundreds of thousands watching via DVR when it is more convenient for us.

Nothing New On Froy Yet!

Froy Tercero
We are wondering what is going on with Froy, right? Well I have been searching the web, using as many keyword combinations as I can to find something new, but am striking out with every click. I will keep searching cause at some point something is gonna get leaked.

I'm not sure what to make of the whole situation. When you watch the show, Froy is adamant about not speaking about the matter on camera. Not sure if it is because he doesn't want to or he has an attorney who has advised him otherwise. I am in no way shape or form saying he has an attorney to don't go re-posting that he has an attorney. I am making that point clear! When I watch and see him stating not discuss on camera, he comes off to me as ashamed & maybe embarrassed about what ever is going on. That is just my opinion NOT fact!

If anyone hears anything new let me know!

And the search continues for more info!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Girl Kashuna From Storage Hunters ALMOST Gets Car Repo'd On Operation Repo

Kashuna, the new girl on Storage Hunters may be buying up storage units, talkin shit but clearly she wasn't making all of her car payments cause she ALMOST got her car repo'd on Operation Repo.

When I was watching Operation Repo this afternoon I knew that when I saw the below clip I knew who it was, blurred face or not! That is freaking hilarious. Did you hear her throwing racial slurs at Froy, after saying something to the effect that she is not racist, on Storage Hunters, that was so not cool. She said to Brandon & Lori on Storage Wars she wasn't a racist. Well Operation Repo's video shows otherwise. She talked mad shit on Storage Hunters about making moola and clearly she hasn't been spending that money wisely. What did she do with the money from the unit with all the TV's.........Eat'em, I mean damn girl those would have paid for yo car.

That bitch Karma sure came back to slap your ass around.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Mob Wives - Karen Gravano - What Do I Think Of Her Right Now!

You know no one in this world is perfect and Karen Gravano is far from it. I am no professional by any means, but I am entitled to my opinion. So here it goes!

Karen knew/had a good idea what her father was and was into. Now from what I get from her she knew, didn't agree with some stuff, but didn't care and stands by her Dad 100%. Now I am not knocked her for that at all. You can stand by your Dad 100% by just simply not ratting him out & supporting him, you didn't have to go getting involved in matters that your Dad, Mother & Brother were in. What I basically want to know is, did Sammy want Karen to be a part of this drug ring? Hell, mom was! Was it Karen's choice to be part of it or was she forced?

Again this leads me to think that Karen enjoys this lifestyle and at one time wanted to be part of it and that is maybe why she was involved. I mean her & mom only got probation. Just because they got probation doesn't mean their part in the crime was not sufficient cause as most know, high paid attorneys can turn a cold blooded murder charge into a misdemeanor,(maybe not that big of a difference, but you get my point) especially an attorney for the mob. You can damn well bet their charges were dropped down to a/and/or probational offenses. Cause Sammy is a true mobster, he would not let his wife or daughter spend time behind bars. You know he made sure the attorneys got those ladies the lightest sentence possible for their part(s) in the case. But I have no proof of this and it is all my opinion.

I am not saying I like or dislike Karen Gravano, I just think she seems a little fishy and I would like to learn more about her before I make a definitive decision if I wanna be Team Gravano or Team Drita. I mean hell I still have to do some searching on Drita also, actually all the ladies. Cause as it stands now none of them are really liked or disliked by me. I will never get to know them all personally so I will just have to watch, listen and decide later on.

Now I know I will probably get a comment to read her book cause MY questions may get answers. Well I intend on buying it as soon as I can. The sooner the better but unfortunately I am unemployed and don't have extra money right now, but the moment I do I will buy it, read it and comment on it.

So there is my little thoughts on Karen! What do you think?

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Is Drita's Daughter Too Young To Know The Answer ?

Well Drita, that time has come to start answering questions from the worst interrogators of all........YOUR KIDS!

Drita's daughter wants to know if mommy fights? We all know the answer to that obviously, but should she tell her daughter? I mean she is clearly smart enough to start figuring out what may be going on in her lifestyle. Just because she is asking doesn't necessarily mean it is the time to tell her. That is a personal parenting call. You have to know your children and need to know if you think what you have to tell them is something they might be able to handle. I can't even sit here myself and say whether or not I would tell her or not because I am not in her shoes. Now from what I have seen from the show and the snipits of when Drita talks about her Aleeya, it seems that Aleeya has a pretty good idea what is going on. I think she just wants clairty, which might help her understand other things also. It will also open the door to all kinds of questions with possible attitude change. So it could be good or bad that she find out now.

So tough decision to be made there but I am sure she will make the right decision for both of them.

Now moving on to see that she finally speaks to Lee for the first time in a while. Keep in mind she has filled for divorce and is hearing throughout the burrows that Lee is contesting. You gotta like how he starts the conversation "hey what's up stranger". You can tell by his tone that this conversation is going to be tense.
That is one conversation I am looking forward to hearing tonight.

Well we got about 15 mins till the drama starts. See ya when its over!

Desperate Housewives "Get Out of My Life"

Desperate Housewives gets crazy tonight! Susan will find out who the father of Julie's baby is? I'm dying to know. Orson is back living with Bree in hopes to help get her back on track. Lynette's twin's get evicted & try to move back home, and much more.

I hope we start getting clues as to who has been leaving the notes for Bree. That really has me curious. I hate seeing Lynette go thru this divorce but it was probably the best thing for her so she could see what kind of mean and controlling person she had become. I wonder how Tom will feel about Lynette dating? I wonder if he will be jealous? I know he left and is proceeding with the divorce but that could have been with the thoughts that Lynette will never find anyone else. Once he sees that other men are into her this may spark some different thoughts before the season ends. Who knows we will have to wait and see.

This episode starts 8pm central time tonight.