Saturday, March 3, 2012

I Want "A Haunting" Back! Who Else Does??

A Haunting is a series I just picked up watching last year. So to learn that there will be no new episodes because the last show was in 2008. Needless to say I am bummed. I will have plenty of episodes to catch up on but I would love to see more newer stories. I mean there has to be some.

I was searching the internet to find out if there would be anymore and of course my search came up empty. I do know that the guy who produced it is now at "New Dominion Pictures".  They are still in business. Now I went to their website, clicked programs and "A Haunting" is listed and there is another one listed as just "Haunting". When I click on "Haunting" it says to look for "A Haunting" new series to start October 28th at 10pm on the Discovery Channel. Now I don't know when that was posted as there was no year posted nor any date of the actual post. I did go to the Discovery Channel website and this show is not listed on there in any way. So, I am just not sure. The website makes it a little confusing.

Let's tell the producers at new Dominion Pictures how much we want to see "A Haunting" return. Post your comments here and I will email them all to the producer myself. But won't do that until I have enough comments so get your post on and tell everyone you know who likes this show to come here to make it known.

The more the better, the faster I can get them, the faster I can forward them. Lets see if we can get this show back on the air or at least something like it.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Could Jersey Shore Be Coming To an End?

We have enjoyed Jersey Shore for 5 seasons now and like all good things, it seems THE END is in the future! I have no "confirmed" reports of this, just my opinion. 

Over the years there have been many fights between the housemates. These fights pulled them together & away from each other. I just think that some of them are ready to get away from the show and move on. As you watch this season you have seen people leave and come back cause they needed a break from all the drama and craziness. I'm glad I picked up on these hints this season cause after last nights episode there was a commercial that showed Pauly D coming out with his own show! When I seen it I was like, I knew it! Then today on Twitter I see this tweet by:       

Nikki Sixx  @NikkiSixx
I can believe Snooky admitted to trying to get pregnant with Jon Bon Jovi's love child on  tonight!

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Disappointed In Ghost Adventures!

Well the new season of Ghost Adventures has started. Last Friday I was so excited to watch! Much to my disappointment it was not even an investigation. It was just a discussion of old investigations! For me, this just does not keep me interested. I can go back anytime on the internet and watch old stuff!

Ghost Adventures is also airing a new show this Friday, but if you read the guide information you will see it is just another, lets sit down & talk about old investigations, scenario again! Come on I wanna watch a NEW investigation! So unfortunately I have cancelled my DVR recording of the show this weekend and do not intend to watch until they are ready to air actual investigations!

So SyFy has wasted two episodes with just chit chat/talk and no investigations. That sucks especially when you r show is rarely on anyway. I remember last year it would be on one friday and then you would not see anything new for a few weeks (sometimes longer). I am almost wondering if they are on their way out the door with the show. Is this a bad sign for Ghost Adventures? I sure as hell hope not cause I really like them. I will watch them first over any other paranormal show!

I am just hoping next Friday, 1 there will be a show & 2. I hope it is an actual investigation and not another chit chat episode.

I know other fans probably enjoyed it and that is cool but I personally don't.

Happy Ghost Hunting!