Sunday, August 26, 2012

Keeping Up With The Kardasians, Episode Aired 8/26/12 - My Thoughts

I just got done watching the episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashian's that aired this evening. The part with Oprah was cool, I enjoyed that. The part about Kim getting a closet make-over, I wasn't really interested in, cause she just annoys the fuck out of me! Out of the whole family I can honestly say that I like Chloe, Kris, Rob, Scott, Lamar & Bruce the MOST. Kim & Courtney are both spoiled, rude & obnoxious in their own ways. The younger sisters I don't really have an opinion on them cause I don't see them that much or hear a lot about them. From what I see they are both growing up wonderfully. They are young and have a long way to go. I wish them nothing but the best as they grow up. I just hope they don't take any personality traits from Kim & Courtney in their journey.

In tonight's episode Oprah visited, then came the family therapy, which is a good idea & Chloe doesn't need to beat herself up or feel bad about bringing up the idea, cause this family needs it! The argument between Rob & Kim before the therapy session was great. I was rooting for Rob. That poor guy! He gets no respect from his family and is always being made fun of. He takes a lot of shit from those women! A lot more than I think he should. I can totally see why he feels left out and UN-included. Chloe is probably the only one who shows him the most that she cares about him and his life choices. Chloe is by far the better sister out of the three. That girl has her shit together. She seems like she is more in touch with reality and real life. Where Courtney & Kim are just brutal and for sure act like everyone should just bow down to them like they are Queens. I would hate to work for them, know them or have anything to do with them.

During therapy I must say I was shocked to see Courtney shed a few tears over Rob being so upset. I could swear that girl doesn't have an ounce of tears for anyone but herself and her kids. But that doesn't make me like her in anyway. I still think she is snide, rude, hateful, & disrespectful. The way she treats Scott is just sickening. I know they have had their issues but the guy has pretty much done a 360 and she still treats him like shit and talks about him like a piece of shit, and doesn't even care. He has done so much and tries everything to make her happy. She won't even marry him.....WOW...Scott walk away, you can still be an awesome dad without being with her. She is not worth all you do or your heart.

Kim on the other hand didn't seem a bit bothered by her brothers reaction during the therapy session. He was dead on when he said she is selfish and wants everything to be about her. I about died when she sat in the chair saying "no, that is not true" just before that didn't she get into a lil tiff with Chloe & Courtney about doing a lingerie line by herself? Rob was right, she does want to do her own things, which is fine but she is in business with her sisters and if she wants to do her own thing she needs to discuss it with them before getting all fired up. Now I am gonna re-wind a little bit and talk about the incident where Kim gets all jealous about Chloe being the guardian choice of Courtney's kids if anything would ever happen. As much as this is going to pain me but I must say Courtney made a good decision picking Chloe. Chloe is married and has a husband (Lamar Odom) who is a caring and understanding man. He would do anything to make Chloe happy and she would do the same for him. They get a long well, they communicate well and would make great parents one day. Kim on the other hand rushes into everything. She goes thru changes in her life all the time. I wanna be single, I wanna be married, I wanna be single, I wanna be married and on, and on. I mean really. She is way to selfish like Rob said to take on anything that requires teamwork or being a couple. She is just the kinda girl that marriage and boyfriends are not for her. She is never satisfied and can never be satisfied. She is just a girl to hang out with for a bit, have a good time and for the boys....a good fuck from time to time and move on. She says that if something ever happened to where she had to be a guardian, she would make the adjustments in her life! Well I am sorry I just don't believe that, plus I don't think I would want Kim rubbing off on my kids, I would rather have Chloe and Lamar being the role models as they would be way better.

Kris I feel for you woman cause these are your kids and they are crazy and out there. But I must say you handle yourself well and you do your best with them for sure. You know I thought it was funny as hell when you wanted to talk to Kim & Chloe that one time and asked Courtney to leave cause she is so mean. That was awesome and she deserved it. I just wish you would have stuck to your guns and made her leave. She is so mean to you I don't know how you take it. So kuddo's for you. Bruce and you are awesome & don't let anything come between you.

Well that is is for this post.