Saturday, May 5, 2012

Operation Repo - Texas Sheriff Sucks Cement Bath

This post is to showcase the clip where the woman gets a "Cement Bath". Now it is my opinion it is her own darn fault she got a "Cement Bath". Watch her slowly put herself between the cement truck & repo truck, while at the same time one of the guys Froy is trying to deal with, gets away from the comotion and manages to turn on the cement in retaliation to the repo. I am guessing the guy who turned on the cement didn't see the woman arguing with Matt and not paying attention to where she was standing. Watch this clip and see.

The reason why this video clip is important to my posts is because it clearly shows her walking in front of it on her own. Matt didn't do anything to cause her to get the cement poured on her. I mean damn he pulled her out from under it quick as he could. Now this woman called the crappy sheriff and gave him her version of the story which I am sure she blamed Matt & Froy for the cement being poured on her. She needed to make sure she made Matt & Froy look bad.

This is incident is something the Sheriff uses as an excuse to dislike Matt & Froy in the next post/clip.

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