Sunday, January 22, 2012

Law & Order SVU - Stabler Left! His ending Sucked!

I couldn't believe it when I was watching this episode of Law & Order SVU and learned that this is how we all found out Stabler was leaving the show.  I don't remember ever seeing or hearing anything about him leaving. I will say my face was as stunned as Olivia's....actually my jaw hit the floor.

The only "Truth" she learned was that he turned in his papers. She didn't get a real reason why. Also Why didn't they have a last episode for him and let him tell Olivia himself rather than Captain Creagan telling her? I thought they had a closer bond!

The way the editors, director or whoever, decided the Christopher Meloni's character was going to end on the show really let viewers dangling in the wind with only one question...WHY??

Stabler & Benson as a team was the main reason I watch this show. I still watch it but there is not as much excitement to watch like before.

Tell me what you think of Stabler's Ending!

Welcome Post

Welcome to my "Hey, Let's Talk TV" blog!

TV is probably the one thing in your house that spends more time on than off.  I myself spend lots of time watching TV. Thank goodness for DVR or I would never be able to keep up with all the ones I really like.

I have about 45-55 shows I watch all through out the year. I am losing at least one show this year, and that I will discuss here soon. Being a stay at home mom allows me to have so many favs and enough time (w/DVR) to watch and keep up with them all. During and after watching I always have thoughts, comments, opinions why not blog about it. Seems like millions of people are blogging these days so why not me. I might be suprised with the out come. Maybe with enough postings I might be able to make a living doing this some day, but for now I'm doing it for my own amusement.

Let's not stall any longer and get the postings going!