Monday, August 13, 2012

Shark Week Is Back!

OMG THIS SHARK IS HUGE! This is why I will never swim in the ocean! I will go out on a boat but that is it. I don't even think I will go in the water on a beach. If I were to come across this huge creature I am pretty sure I would become easy bait, as I would probably have a heart attack!! I give props to anyone who dares swim in waters with these creatures, your balls are way bigger than mine FOR SURE!

There is an actual webcam/sharkcam that you can watch live. Check it out SharkCam

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2 Shows I Loved Are Gone

Well as you see to the right of my blog I have a listing of shows, by network, that have been cancelled and won't be back this season. The 2 I am most bothered by is CSI: Miami & Unforgettable. I really liked both of these shows. CSI: Miami more but I was really starting to like Unforgettable, I was more involved in the personal story of Carrie, in Unforgettable. CSI: Miami I have been watching for years and don't understand why they had to just cancel it. They could have done a final season instead. So I must say piss on you for just cancelling the shows.

Don't forget you silly network people I DVR ALL MY SHOWS, just because I am not watching them during their time slot does not mean I don't watch, so your ratings can kiss my tush. Do you even have a way to rate what people are DVR'ing?

Oh well, hopefully there will be a new show to fill these time slots instead of re-runs, as I can watch those via online.

CSI - Won Most Watched TV Show Award

Super cool! I hope this means there will be more seasons to come.

I must admit I was a little bothered by Elizabeth Shue joining the cast, but she has really played her part well. I am glad to see her on the show. Keep up the good work.

I am wondering if we will be losing anymore cast members this season? This is something I will have to look into.

Not sure when the new season starts, guess I had better get searching to see what I can find out.

Glass House - Joys & her past

Ok I understand where Joy is coming from. I to did things to try and fit in, but the only thing I did not do is turn to porn in any way. I am not dissing her for her choice but it is not a road I would have chose. Kuddo's to her for doing what she had to though.