Friday, February 17, 2012

Magic Growing Pet Flamingo (Kids Toy) - My Thoughts

This is a Magic Growing Pet Flamingo - It is an egg that you submerge in water for 3 days/72hrs. It is then supposed to hatch and then with in a couple days it is supposed to be fully hatched.

Well the problem is that I have had this thing submerged since Sunday 2/12/12 and this thing is taking a lot longer than what the instructions say. Now the instructions are on the back of the box, they are in yellow print and extremely small. Here is how the directions read "1. Completely submerge the egg in the container of water. (the temperature of the water should not exceed 35 degrees C/95 F.    2. Within 72 hours the egg shell will break and the pet will begin to hatch. If the water level is low, add water. Always make sure the egg is completely submerged.   3. When the egg is completely broken open, leave the open egg in the water and the per will continue to grow to full size within a couple of days.)

Now I understand that it is gonna take some time but by today I figured the Flamingo would be completely hatched. Well that is not the case.

Here is a photo of how far along this egg is.

Now is it just me or does it seem like this egg is going to take longer to even fully hatch?

I'm not saying I wouldn't buy another one but I with the instructions would have said that it was gonna take a week or more for the Pet to completely hatch.

What do you think?

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