Saturday, April 14, 2012

Switching Cable Providers - A Real Hassle!

Hello, readers. Today I had an appointment scheduled to have Time Warner installed and AT&T cancelled. My appointment time was between 8am - 11am central time. Well 11:30am rolls around and no cable guy. Thank goodness I didn't call and cancel AT&T yet! Here's why.

I called and explained that I was scheduled for installation today and no one has called or shown up. He finds the order that was placed on 3/20/12 and states to me that the order was never completed, for some reason. So here I have been waiting for today and call to find out that the order was never even completed. Wow! Are you kidding me. It gets better!

My mother in law is the one who is getting the cable installed, when she called on the 20th she gave the sales rep (who was hard as hell to understand) her credit card information and was told at the end of the sale that nothing would be charged until the first months bill. We were supposed to get HBO, Cinamax, & Stars free for 6 months along with Turbo internet. So she gave her credit card information to a sales rep for Time Warner who didn't even complete her order and gave us an appointment that never existed. Now that just sounds fishy. I want to make it very clear also that the person she was speaking to was not from america! Overseas customer service people and giving them credit card information does not sit well with me but it's not like we americans really get a choice in that!

Well the call proceeds on cause the gentleman I'm talking to is stating he can try and take the order and complete it to get to scheduling another appointment ASAP.  Well this sounded all good and dandy. At this point he starts to tell me that this month has a better deal in place than last month when we called in and ordered the first time, but since the order never completed he couldn't really give me that deal. So I am like ok this deal does seem better and say ok, when can we actually get a real appointment. He then tells me that he can schedule me tomorrow 4/15/12 between 10am-1pm. I am like ok, then he proceeds to tell me there will be a COD (Cash On Delivery) on the payment! That is when I was like hold on a minute this is not what she (mother in law) agreed to. She was getting the $99 package deal, with cable, internet & phone with free HBO, Cinamax, & Stars for 6 months and the internet would be at Turbo Boost speed for 6 months free also and nothing would be due at time of installation. That is because she gave them her credit information and her credit is good that is why she didn't have to pay anything at time of installation. This guy on the phone with me tells me they only run credit checks to see if there is multiple accounts or money due, it has nothing to do with installation fees. First off that is Bull and you know it! There will be an installation charge but it is spread out through the first few bills. That was her deal. I advised the customer service rep to leave the appointment for tomorrow until I can speak to my mother in law later about the situation and have her speak to them so she doesn't get screwed over.

I think they either owe her a nice credit or wave the installation fee.

She is going to be pissed when she gets here later and listens to her voicemails.

I will keep you posted on the status of my supposed Cable Provider switch, cause it may not happen cause this is not starting off as a good experience.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Been Away - Personal Note To Readers

I would like to take a moment to say apologize for not posting anything new in a while. My kiddo & I have been sick, working in the yard and painting the inside of my house. So I have been busy. Not enough time to keep up with my blog. But I am almost finished with things and should have more time to spend researching, watching and blogging.

Thanks again for stopping by! Working on new content now!

Have a GREAT day!