Friday, March 23, 2012

Through The Wormhole - New Season Coming Soon

This is something new I just recently started watching. Caught the episode "Dark Matter" and was intrigued. 

There will be a Season 2 and Episode 1 starts June 8th, 10/9c, on Science Channel (Check your local listings). 

Here is Season 2 episode list:

Episode 1 - "Life After Death"
Episode 2 - "Edge of the Universe"
Episode 3 - "Does Time Exist?"
Episode 4 - "Are There More Than 3 Dimensions?"
Episode 5 - "Is There A Sixth Sense?"
Episode 6 - "How Does the Universe Work?"
Episode 7 - "Faster Than Life"
Episode 8 - "Can We Live Forever?"
Episode 9 - "What do Aliens Look Like?"

So there is 9 NEW! episodes coming in June. I am excited. All of these topics sound interesting. I will be setting my calendar & DVR. For more information about this interesting series. 


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