Friday, March 23, 2012

Through The Wormhole - New Season Coming Soon

This is something new I just recently started watching. Caught the episode "Dark Matter" and was intrigued. 

There will be a Season 2 and Episode 1 starts June 8th, 10/9c, on Science Channel (Check your local listings). 

Here is Season 2 episode list:

Episode 1 - "Life After Death"
Episode 2 - "Edge of the Universe"
Episode 3 - "Does Time Exist?"
Episode 4 - "Are There More Than 3 Dimensions?"
Episode 5 - "Is There A Sixth Sense?"
Episode 6 - "How Does the Universe Work?"
Episode 7 - "Faster Than Life"
Episode 8 - "Can We Live Forever?"
Episode 9 - "What do Aliens Look Like?"

So there is 9 NEW! episodes coming in June. I am excited. All of these topics sound interesting. I will be setting my calendar & DVR. For more information about this interesting series. 


Teen Mom Season 4 - Is It! The End! Gone! Done!

Well I just read that popular reality TV show Teen Mom is being canceled. Season 4 will be the final season. Amber Portwood & her brother are especially happy it is over. I am a former Teen Mom, meaning I am just getting old. My first born is 16 & I am only 34. So this show I found very interesting to watch. I will continue to follow the Teen Moms on Twitter and via the internet, cause I would like to see how well they all do from here. They will be paid pretty good for the show so they better use/save that money wisely. Don't think like a Teenager and go blow the money! Your mom's & you gotta think like it. You all are very smart and have lots of potential.

Good Luck & Best Wishes!

Monday, March 19, 2012

Amazing Race - Episode 1 Quick Recap

Well the first episode was great. If you missed it click here to watch in full. From the first moment teams got into the car some were making comments about Rachel (Brenchal) and her bright green sparkles. That didn't take long! Now of course this was the first episode and first round of challenges so all the teams seemed to get along ok. This will not take long to change. It was just until the next episode when you start to see tempers flare.

1st Place - Rachel & Dave (also won express pass)
2nd Place - Brendon & Rachel
3rd Place - Art & JJ
4th Place - Nary & Jamie
5th Place - Vanessa & Ralph
6th Place - Elliott & Andy
7th Place - Kerry & Stacey
8th Place - Cherie & David
9th Place - Bopper & Mark
10th Place - Joey & Danny

Eliminated - Misa & Miah

Amazing Race - Episode 1 Missed the Pit Stop!! WOW!

Episode 1, First pit stop and one team just can't seem to find what is right in front of them. Misa & Miah just couldn't see it!

You will see the one in the pink shirt look straight to her right and completely miss the host & the big square marker! That just shows how determined but yet unfocused they were. That had to suck. I mean damn it's bad enough you are the FIRST team eliminated and then you go out like that. Now that totally sucked.

Now this mistake let Joey & Danny stay in the race.