Saturday, May 5, 2012

Operation Repo - Texas Sheriff Sucks

Terrible cops exist everywhere. My next few posts are going to focused completely on this sheriff from Texas who clearly unfit to be a sheriff. I can see his behavior effecting his judgement one day and costing him his career, his life or someone else's life. My first impression of was, "oh wow this is the kinda cop that plants evidence at scenes and frames people". I was blown away by his demeanor and attitude.

Here is a clip where Froy is in jail in Texas & Matt comes to see him & find out what is going on. It is at the end of the video when the Sheriff, from hell, makes is unpleasant appearance. He and Matt shake hands and to their greeting thing. Now clearly Matt is trying to be polite and nice, he even took off his hat! The next thing that comes out of this sheriff's mouth is a comment about the camera crew being with Matt and in the Sheriff, from hells, police station. He is clearly not happy they are there, let a lone with cameras too! 

My next couple posts will reflect my opinion of why this TERRIBLE Sheriff didn't like the camera's Matt & Froy have with them for the show.

Hum could it be cause now the whole world will see how much his position & power has gone to his head! Whoever this mans boss is or the Governor of where ever this crazy man is, should really take a second look at his employment as a Sheriff. He has Corrupt Written all over his Ora!!!


  1. You can say what you want about that sheriff, but considering that neither Matt nor Froyo are licensed to tow or repo in Texas, that cop was pretty darned nice to not even mention that little tidbit to them. To repo in Texas, you must possess a TDLR-IM license. So does the company you work for, regardless of where that company is based.

    1. TomM,

      You are a complete moron! You're missing the point here! Who care about them not being licensed in Texas or not. As sheriff, you are supposed to be professional. If I saw that sheriff drive by my town I will punch him in his fat ass face. I'll show him a bitch!

  2. I say find out this idiots name and county he is sheriff in and start a campaign to get him fired!

  3. jmrose63: plz do i wanna tell this old bastard a thing or two and his ass should be fired!