Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Sunday DVR Recordings

Well tonight I have the following shows recording:

Big Brother 14
Big Brother After Dark (on Showtime)
Mob Wives: Chicago "Season finale"
Keeping up with the Kardashians
Hoarding Buried Alive
Storage Hunters

Due to my old cable provider and the crappy DVR they have. I am behind on

Mob Wives: Chicago
Keeping up with the Kardashians

I will have to watch them via the internet. But I have lots to say about both!

Stay tuned.

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Movie "The Divide" - My Opinion (Not a must see)

This movie is not one that I heard advertised on TV so I didn't know about it until I found it by searching thru On Demand movies. I won't lie the cover (photo above) caught my attention. I figured why not. So I watched it.

This movie was strange as hell. It started off ok but as it progressed I found myself getting bored. This movie is pretty much about people trying to survive each other after a nuclear blast that his forced them into a bomb shelter to live. Once everybody was locked in some days passed and there is a part where someone is trying to get in to the bomb shelter. When the door is breached, in come some men in protective gear pointing guns at everyone. For some reason they took the only child that was in the bomb shelter and left everyone else. They attempted to kill the survivors but they fought back and killed 2 of the men in protective suits. Then one of the survivors put on one of the suits and went outside, which was a tunnel of plastic leading to a room where they had the child they took, in some type of stasis chamber. There were nothing but children in these chambers. Well the survivor in the suit got made by the other scientists as an impostor & tried to kill him. Well he ran back to the bomb shelter, closed the door and the scientists on the outside welded the door shut.

Now this is where I found myself asking ok...WTF....who are those scientists & what the hell are they doing? The rest of the movie is just about the remaining survivors trying to stay alive and watching their behavior change and some die. The part about the child being taken and what those scientists were doing, was never answered. I don't really like movies where they introduce something and don't explain it.

The ending is generic, only one person out of 8 gets out & when the person gets out, the movie ends showing nothing but a run down city and the person standing there in a protective suit and back of food, with what looked like no where to go anyway.

There are lots of graphic and disturbing scenes in this movie and my over all opinion is skip this one if you you come across it.

Didn't really like and was kinda upset I spent the time watching it.

The Girl With The Dragon Tatto - My Thoughts

Now that I am back with AT&T I have been catching up on movies I have wanted to see. As AT&T's On Demand, movie selections are way better than Time Warner Cable. So I have been in movie lala land since Thurs.

This is one of the movies I wanted to see! I finally watched it and I must say I was happy with it. There are pretty much 2 story lines to it. I refer to it as one main story with a side story. Neither story was left to question. By the end of the movie you knew the end to both stories. I will also say that it had me thinking one thing from the beginning but I was wrong on my thought. I won't say what that was cause there are probably still people out there who have not seen it & I don't want to spoil it. But this is FOR SURE a movie I recommend to watch. The suspense was awesome. The actors did a great, and I mean great, job with their rolls.

I hope to see a part 2 of some sorts with this movie! This is a must see for anyone who hasn't watched it.