Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Girl Kashuna From Storage Hunters ALMOST Gets Car Repo'd On Operation Repo

Kashuna, the new girl on Storage Hunters may be buying up storage units, talkin shit but clearly she wasn't making all of her car payments cause she ALMOST got her car repo'd on Operation Repo.

When I was watching Operation Repo this afternoon I knew that when I saw the below clip I knew who it was, blurred face or not! That is freaking hilarious. Did you hear her throwing racial slurs at Froy, after saying something to the effect that she is not racist, on Storage Hunters, that was so not cool. She said to Brandon & Lori on Storage Wars she wasn't a racist. Well Operation Repo's video shows otherwise. She talked mad shit on Storage Hunters about making moola and clearly she hasn't been spending that money wisely. What did she do with the money from the unit with all the TV's.........Eat'em, I mean damn girl those would have paid for yo car.

That bitch Karma sure came back to slap your ass around.


  1. THANKS for noticing that it was me! As u can see, my car did NOT get repo'ed it was a MISTAKE by the finance company (it does happen) and I knew that so I wasn't going to let them take my car. Please, when blogging, put the correct show, it's STORAGE HUNTERS, not STORAGE WARS! Thanks for watching & your support by spreading the word!

    Kashuna aka Kaching! #winning

  2. I made a mistake in my post which has now been corrected!

    You are very welcome Kashuna aka Kaching for noticing this!

    Yes mistakes happen and I know all too well. I am not perfect and not expecting anyone else to be perfect. I just couldn't help myself when I seen it! I had to let as many people know as possible.

    Here is the thing about you saying it was a "mistake". Repo's are a funny thing. They make people do some outrageous stuff. Now when a car is up for repo that usually means the finance company has already made attempts to contact you about the issue. Once they have attempted so many times they will pretty much say fuck you & call the repo guys. Now at this point you have already received phone calls and letters stating what was GOING TO HAPPEN if you didn't correspond. Now in my experience with a repos there are a few things that could have happened. Considering the show OPERATION REPO did not air/show the what eventually happened, left room for speculation. Which is now what I am going to do.

    Speculation#1 - They surprised you, you ran them off which allowed yourself enough time to get MISTAKE fixed. (meaning next day you got taken care of before they came back)

    Speculation#1 - they surprised you, you ran them off which gave you time to hide the car for possibly a few days until you got MISTAKE fixed.

    Speculation#2 - they surprised you, you ran them off which gave you time to hide vehicle for a few days or more until you got the MISTAKE fixed.

    Speculation#3 - you only made a partial payment of what was needed and for some reason the finance company did not want to work with you any longer so they accepted the money but still just wanted the car back and was still sent for repo.

    Speculation#4 - you for some reason had a time where you had no insurance coverage for whatever reason, finance company gets notified, tries to notify you to clear up, couldn't get a hold of, could find any current info that you were insured so they sent car for repo.

    Now with all these speculations which one probably fits your scenario?

    Regardless if it was just a MISTAKE that you knew of, you should have fixed it before it got sent for repo. How you acted towards Matt & Froy was ridiculous! I think you owe them a HUGE apology if you haven't already. I don't care where you grew up or how you were raised. You should have known better than to have a friend pull a gun on someone over a CAR! I mean think about this. What would have happened if your friend would have pulled that trigger? Were you gonna stand there and cheer, screaming "HELL YA MOTHER FUCKER THATS WHAT YOU GET" I mean come on. Then you and your friend would have been facing jail time. Do you realize that? Does your friend realize that also? Is that car really worth it? Cause if you go to jail you will for sure lose that car then.


    Oh before I forget! Kasuna aka Kaching...THANK YOU for noticing my post. Errors or not I am just happy to have noticed.


  3. Im calling this how I see it, and because I work in the industry, I know a bit about what write. First things first, these were obviously both filmed within the last 5 to 6 months, if I had to guess, as networks do not like footage sitting on shelfs. With that being said, and to best of my knoweldge all networks have a disclosure clause when preparing a show that when a scene is taking place the people seen on TV cannot have been on a different show on the same network within the last 365 days. With that being said obviously she slipped through the cracks, most will also notice that TRUTV knew it was going to be an issue, which is why they blocked her face in scene at airtime, simply put its called damage control, and the network was most likely not aware up until airtime, and the blocking of the face was a last minute fast edit move. Moving past all that Kashuna appears to be a comedian and aspiring actress. My guess after looking online at various sources is that she is probally part of aftra or SAG, which means she just violated their rules if in fact she is. SAG and AFTRA unions do "NOT PLAY AROUND" and do not let their members participate in NON UNION GIGS which consists of all reality or reality style shows. Chances are when they (Sag or Aftra) see all the hype with both shows, they will pull her card and she will be fined if she is part of the Unions. Moving past that and Im sure anyone still with me and reading this can safely assume Im not a big fan of Kashuna. She appears very militant and not very intelligent.
    So Kashuna, keep smiling because Im gong to bet that when all the hype dies down, I will not have to watch you on my TV again and if you are on I will personally thank my cable station for giving me 300 other options.

    By the way I do love both the shows, and I commend Matt and Froy and Lori and Brandon in the manner in which they handled themselves, but I have to assume that all of them could read you like a book and knew that the ACLU was just a phone call away, and if they were not willing to give you (Kashuna) the reaction you were looking for, you were going to get it out them one way or another. Yes I just like them can read you like a book. Last but not least, has anyone noticed how she was the first the comment on this wonderful exposure video of her? Semms perhaps odd she came across it.....
    My house shall remain Anti-Kashuna

  4. Very nice! Anti-Kashuna.....I am liking that! Oh Yes I noticed she was the first comment! Freaking Hilarious! She was trying to nip it in the bud ASAP and to save herself the embarrassment she is blaming it on a MISTAKE. NO MISTAKE U KNEW IT WAS just didn't expect "OPERATION REPO" to be the one's coming to get it. Your reaction speaks VERY VERY LOUDLY!

    Team Bernier all the way!

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